Patch’s Grand Dog Show


Our first children’s book, PATCH’S GRAND DOG SHOW is a lovely woolly tale for three to five year olds.  There is a pattern for our hero, Patch, at the back of the book – do ask someone to knit one for you and then please do send us a photo.

Patch is a dog of no known breed, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a bit hairy, a bit patchy, he gets laughed at by the other dogs for looking so odd.  He lives on his own in the park, and although he claims to be happy, he is actually rather lonely, he only has one friend – his ball.  The thing that he would like most of all is an owner and a home of his own….

Product Description

This is our first children’s book, inspired by our knitted dogs, giving them characters and a story.  It’s been a long process, often derailed by technology so we have used simple skills: lots of pipe cleaners, blu tak, wire, loo rolls, loaf of bread, old knitwear, our cashmeres, loads of PVA, felted wool, bamboo sticks – all in all it’s fuzzy felt meets Blue Peter meets very basic Ardman.