black handsome fellow

Vicky Lindo and her wonderful ceramic dogs and plates will be joining The DOG SHOW this year.

What inspired you to make ceramic dogs and plates decorated with dogs?
In 2009 the local museum and art gallery where I worked acquired a large collection of North Devon Slipware from the 18th and 19th centuries. I fell completely in love with the unusual little pots made in this comical lumpy naïve way. Animals and quotes sat alongside strange patterns and textures on these wonderful pieces, I felt inspired to go away and start making my own.  I enrolled on an evening class and rediscovered a love for ceramics which I had hidden away since my days at art school. It became an obsession, and I began making at home, it quickly spiralled out of control.
Do you have a favourite breed?
I’m quite partial to a spaniel, I like the little tufty bits they get when they get old and fat.
How long have you been working with clay?
After studying at Herefordshire College of Art and Design my partner and I set up our pottery in Bideford, Devon in 2013.

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