We are sorry to have to admit that there are several mistakes in Best in Show knit your own Cat, or if you are American, just Knit your own Cat. We checked and re-checked the patterns and so did our publishers, but a few have slipped through, spotted by the eagle eyed, Karol and Gill, who also made this fabulous pack  (I’m sure that’s not the correct collective noun) of Siamese cats.

Anyway the mistakes are as follows:

BRITISH BLUE p50 LEFT FRONT LEG it says work as for Right Back Leg to ** should be Right FRONT Leg

SIAMESE CAT SITTING. p93 To Make up. No mention is made of sewing up back seam.

BLACK AND WHITE CAT STANDING p105 Left Side of Body row 13 should not have p1sn in middle of row it should read.

Incsn,p3sn,p21bl,incbl,p11bl(39 sts) this also applies to the Right Side of Body

P106, in a fit of insanity we have given this cat 2 tails, the second tail is actually a collar.

BLACK CAT PROWLING p125 Left Side of Body Row 1, it should say p9sts from spare needle of Left Front Leg

the same applies on row 5, p12sts from spare needle of Left Back Leg

RAGDOLL p22 Right side of body has less loopy rows than the left at the moment, so:

Row 19: [k1,loop 1 with 4cm,(1 1/2in) loop) to last to sts, k2tog (38 sts)

p22. Left Side of Body Row 1 With 23/4mm (US2) needles and pe ast on 2sts, with WS facing p6 from spare needle of Left Front Leg, cast on 20sts PURL11


We are delighted to have reports of the Battersea Staffie Campaign spreading all over the country, there have been sightings from as far afield as Brixton and Broadstairs, do send us any photos of sightings you may have, here to remind you is what it looks like