Myra Heller

Myra Heller of Light Art designs these gorgeous lights; we will be showing Archie, the Whippet and Dalmatians.  Myra has answered a few questions about her work.

The inspiration for your dog lights?
The first dog I modelled was called Onion she was an English bull terrier that some friends of my nephew asked me to model for them. Onion lamp was so popular that it inspired me to try and make my own to sell and Archie, the beautiful whippet came to model for me.
I met Marko, the dalmatian in our local park where I walk with my dog Skye.
What are your lamps made of?
The dog lamps are made of polypropylene and the lights inside are LEDs.
Ever won a rosette?
No, we’ve never won a rosette!
dalmatians 3
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