Helen 3

Talented artist Helen Napper is joining us at The DOG SHOW for the first time.  She works mainly in oil, lives in Aldeburgh and whilst walking her lurcher, Peg, swims in the North Sea everyday…

Why are dogs important to you?
I’ve always been very keen on ancient pots with dogs on them, roman mosaics with dogs in them, medieval dogs in tapestries and any REAL dog that looks like a little wolf .
What is your favorite dog breed?
I’m not sure I’m keen on all dogs but I like good humoured  friendships with individuals ..and this sounds corny , but I also like the feeling of animal magnetism. And I feel it with Peg.
Ever won a rosette?
Peg’s never won a rosette (but lots of people say really nice  things about her. They really like how she looks straight at them and seems to be paying attention, although she may not be).
101 Dalmatians or The Incredible Journey?
Definitely 101 Dalmatians book.