We are lucky, the wonderful Fiona Haser of Electric Daisy Flower Farm will be joining The DOG SHOW this year with her spectacular floral dogs made with a wire armature planted with moss and sedums.

What inspired you to make floral dogs?
I was looking for a present for my husband’s birthday and I came across dog shaped metal frames on the internet. I realised I could stuff them with moss and use them to plant a dog that would grow and grow. My husband’s dog is still on our terrace four years later and now many other people have sedum dogs in their lives too.
What is your favourite dog breed?
I have to say Parson’s Jack Russell because that’s the only dog breed I have loved and lived with.
Why are dogs important to you?
Having our dog put down last year was the worst thing I have ever had to do. I now understand that dogs are like people and you grieve deeply when they are gone. I realise that having a dog in our lives just takes the edge of things, they help to lighten the day and put things in perspective. We really need to find another dog to help us keep our sanity.
Ever won a rosette?
Sadly not, but I do know a woman who won ‘Owner most like her dog’.
Fiona 2
For more info go to http://www.electricdaisyflowerfarm.co.uk