A TRIBUTE TO UGGIE the canine Kenneth Branagh

We felt we had to make our own tribute to Uggie the undisputed star of The Artist, so here he is with the oscar that he won't be receiving, so we've made him his own. Here he is again performing his famous lying on his back trick. and again on the red carpet. You can [...]

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First spotted in a fake vintage shop in Soho and now on Amazon, the sheep jumper , in it's old age, has become hipsters kitsch menswear. Here it is available for a remarkable £24.99. We don't quite know what to feel about Princess Diana's old favourite being described as "Mens's kitsch ironic retro vintage style" [...]

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We are sorry to have to admit that there are several mistakes in Best in Show knit your own Cat, or if you are American, just Knit your own Cat. We checked and re-checked the patterns and so did our publishers, but a few have slipped through, spotted by the eagle eyed, Karol and Gill, [...]

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Our hot news is that our Best in Show Knit your own Cat, or rather Knit your own Cat, as it's called in the US, is being published in Feb by Black Dog and Leventhal, the lovely people who published Knit your own Dog, here's the link http://www.blackdogandleventhal.com/new-releases-and-coming-soon/299-2/ We will then be following up with [...]

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