NATURE’S BOUNTY the socklawn

I think this is something we have invented - the socklawn, very easy for you to do at home: a) go for a walk in long grass b) take your socks off and hang them up outside c) forget about them d) after several months you have a socklawn or even a pair

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Happily received on 25th December: A beautiful and elegant sculpture made of recycled plastic milk bottles by Dominic Gubb A cushion covered in line drawings of whippets and greyhounds by Emily Bond Two lovely mugs by Katharine Pollen A sleek wire sculpture of my lurcher by Bridget Baker DOGS by Tim Flach - a magnificent [...]

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BEST IN SHOW knit your own dog….the movie

Here as a tribute to the late great Oliver Postgate is Best in Show the movie - follow this link to youtube

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