Care For Your Cashmere

DON’T take your cashmere to the dry cleaners, the chemicals used strip the yarn of its substance - no slight to Johnsons. DO machine wash your cashmere on the wool wash cycle.   Although we recommend hand washing on the label (a precaution), our preferred method is machine washing.  Cashmere is delicate but has a steely [...]

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Puppy Porn

   Is there anything lovelier than a puppy? Kittens are OK, but grow into cats, and babies are nice of course, but there is nothing in the world more perfect than a puppy. Here are some photos of our first Puppy of the Month, Wystan.           kittens are Ok , but grow [...]

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Psychedelic Sheep

We all know that dogs reign supreme in every possible way and have proved to be a timeless image but Reindeer have become ‘the animal’ of the past few years.   Antlers and deer heads cropped up last year on, or as, every imaginable object from candles, wrapping paper, coat hooks to lamps.   Our [...]

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Martha Stewart Show

Click on the link if you would like to see our appearance on The Martha Stewart Show.

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At War With Moths

AT WAR WITH MOTHS   *A moth is a dangerous insect especially if you are a knitwear designer with a room stacked high with gorgeous, highly desirable to moths, cashmere knitwear..  If we were blighted by moths it would a little like a farm being infected by foot and mouth.   We cannot let it happen [...]

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