There’s something so magical about spring, it allows you to take liberties that will be frowned on later in the gardening year. So I’m basking in the pleasure of seeing a pack of tiny sharks frolicking about in a sea of Blue Angel Muscari whenever I open the greenhouse door.

You can do elegant soon enough.

In the meantime, no messing about when little plants start to sprout. Chipped mugs make wonderful pot-holders. Minimises the orange plastic, no need for messy saucers. The cactus offshoot is settling in beautifully.

My favourite kitchen herb pot (old terracotta, nice fat shape, just the right size for my windowsill) got left outside in the frost and cracked clean in two. So it’s been superglued back together and the join disguised with a couple of scraps of posh hessian-y ribbon left over from Christmas. I think it looks rather handsome with its first crop of Greek Basil.