We all know that dogs reign supreme in every possible way and have proved to be a timeless image but Reindeer have become ‘the animal’ of the past few years.   Antlers and deer heads cropped up last year on, or as, every imaginable object from candles, wrapping paper, coat hooks to lamps.   Our feeling is, that in fashion terms, the sheep could be in the ascendant.

Perhaps we are influenced by the aforementioned sheep jumper revival or perhaps its just sour grapes but sheep are being used in new and unusual ways.

The sheep at Latitude were the talking point of the festival, dyed many different shades of pink, blue and yellow and looking mighty fetching.


This sheep has been dyed for identification prior to being sent to market not such pleasant fate as nibbling grass whilst listening to Bombay Bicycle Club or The Shout at Latitude.  The farmer was hoping for rain in order to dampen the virulent yellow before market, I think he probably got it.


Do take a look at this amazingly surreal, funny and special LED sheep video from You Tube.


It’s not worth wondering if its real or fake, but which is it?