DON’T take your cashmere to the dry cleaners, the chemicals used strip the yarn of its substance – no slight to Johnsons.

DO machine wash your cashmere on the wool wash cycle.   Although we recommend hand washing on the label (a precaution), our preferred method is machine washing.  Cashmere is delicate but has a steely core and can tolerate quite tough treatment.  Turn your cashmere inside out and use a gentle washing liquid such as Persil Silk and Wool or Ecover Delicate, plus, if you wish, some fabric conditioner, but most importantly make sure the machine is set on the wool wash otherwise your cardigan will come out very matted – can be nice but not generally.  Watch this blog for intriguing ways of using shrunken knitwear.


Reshape whilst damp and dry flat.   Once dry, press lightly, with a warm iron on the inside of the cardigan.


REASSURINGLY SAFE, handwash the cashmere in warm water using a gentle liquid, squeeze out excess water either by hand (do not wring) or on the spin cycle of the machine.