Need advice on how to knit your own dog or cat? Come and talk to Joanna Osborne at the City Books 25th Birthday Festival at the Old Market, Hove on Sunday 16th October from 2-3 p.m.  If you bring a photo of your own dog or cat, Jo will help you to create a replica,  and talk you through the more complex knitting techniques.

She can help you make one of these, to unnerve your pet, or recreate your much loved deceased from an old photo. Or you could just come and have a look at the real knitted cats and dogs from our books. Knit kits and books will be for sale.

It would be lovely to meet you and entry is FREE.


For one day only, Muir and Osborne will be at the Freelancers Fair. We will be selling last season’s cashmere at low prices, as well our books, readymade cats and dogs and knit kits. It’s on Wednesday 19th October, 9.30-5.30 Willow House, The Ridings, Shotover, Oxford OX3 8TB.


One of the many exciting commissions we’ve been asked to do was to design an tiny Icelandic sheepdog, to be the faithful friend and companion of two knitted dolls, Olivia and Theodora. The amazingly talented Helene Magnusson who has a website called The Icelandic Knitter asked us to do it. In the end she did most of the work, as she says on her site “It took four prototypes to make it right: the very first dog was a very cute little bastard! The last one, on the other hand, is a pure breed of Icelandic sheepdog!”  Smali, as you can see, has turned out to be a magnificent beast, so congratulations to Helene for persevering.