The splendid Michelle Page from NepalDog answers a few questions to give an insight into her Danger Dog signs by artists in Nepal….

What inspired you to develop Danger Dog signs with artists in Nepal?
I have always been obsessed with Beware of Dog signs and Nepal, in the past, had the best ones.

With the recent road expansion which chopped off the first meter or two of people’s homes and businesses, most have disappeared over the past 4 years.

When I ordered a few for myself in 2004 they turned out very well.   Then I realized that the artists’ work was completely changing from hand painted to computer generated work.  So much talent was going to waste, I needed to help the artists continue to work in their traditional styles.  And I knew that people would love them once they saw them.   Over the years, one of the few complaints that I get from my customers is that the art is getting ‘too good’.   Then, of course, they pick the ‘too good’ ones!   (The other complaint is that their dog looks too fat.)

Do you have a favourite dog breed?
Boxers!   But I love all dogs.   I grew up with a black standard Poodle and later had a wonderful mutt that had a mother that was a 40-pound long-haired white mix and a 90-pound Harlequin Great Dane for a father!   She was a 70-pound beauty who favoured her Dad!

Which breed is the most popular?  
It varies.   One year I will get a lot of Jack Russell Terrier orders, the next Poodles, Chihuahuas or Labradoodles. Labs and terriers of all sorts are popular. I had a good year for Greyhounds a while back.   People tend to buy all 3 of the signs with Pugs, French Bulldogs or rare breeds like a Treeing Walker Coonhound, so they are not on the website.

100 and One Dalmatians or The Incredible Journey?
White God – a Hungarian movie released in 2015.   Not one dog is CGI in the whole film.  

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