Lurchers are the most perfect dogs.   At home, they lounge in a languid fashion, sleep for about 23 hours a day, are supremely affectionate and loyal, bright eyed with impressive natural eyeliner, and one of the few perfectly proportioned dogs.   Outside, they run and run, chasing anything that moves, jumping anything that’s in the way and always returning when called.


Lurcher puppies can be bought from breeders, David Hancock being the most well known.   The usual route is to search local newspaper advertisements; I found Nell in the local free ads paper called Loot or the Countrymans Weekly.   Alternatively you could try the local dog rescue home, like the Dogs Trust or the highly active Bath Cats and Dogs home, a  previous resident, Purdey is pictured below.


A purer and smarter version of the Lurcher is the whippet and here is the lovely Lily.


Or if looking after a dog alarms you, here is the easycare knitted version of Lily.


A final, slightly negative point, Lurchers love to chase cats.