Thrilling times for us here at Muir and Osborne, our new book Best in Show, knit your own dog, was published on Monday by Collins and Brown. We hope to have an interview in the Saturday Telegraph tomorrow and with a bit of  luck serialisation in the Sunday Mirror, we are slightly hesitant about this because it was supposed to be in last Sunday, but like Colleen, we were let down by Wayne Rooney who took up so much of the paper there was no room left for knitted dogs.

The following week September from 16-19th September I’ll be showing my paintings at the Brighton Art Fair at The Corn Exchange

They aren’t all of dogs although there will be quite a lot, mainly lurchers, greyhounds and whippets, also some landscapes and people. If you want you can see more on my website

The week after we will be doing Origin 23-29th September at Old Spitalfields Market, where we will be showing our beautiful knitted dogs and kits, these will have everything you need to make your own dog in a stylish must have calico bag