Bridget Baker

Returning this year, we are thrilled to be showing the very popular restrained wire dogs by Bridget Baker. To give you a small insight into her work, Bridget has answered a few questions…

What inspired you to make wire dogs?

I was inspired to make wire animals after watching a video loop made by Alexander Calder, explaining how he used wire to make circus people.  This was a few years after I’d retired, and while on holiday in Switzerland.  I could hardly wait to get home and have a go.

What breed did you make first?
Being initially trained as a Zoologist, I was keen to make animals rather than people.  My first pathetic attempt was a cat but the first dog was a labrador, given to a friend in my village.  I was astounded and flattered that she wanted it.  I don’t keep any of my animals – I just like making them; it gets the desire to possess the living animal out of my system.
101 Dalmatians or The Incredible Journey?
I haven’t seen either film but after reading up on them I can definitely say The Incredible Journey sound much more my cup of tea than 100 and One Dalmatians.